great movie..we can't stop here..this is bat country
"Can i get two glasses of ice water with ice??" "I said can i get two glasses of ice water..with ice"

I'll call you a cab..yea? and i'll call you a cocksucker
by haha March 08, 2004
The greates fucking movie ive ever seen
"He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man."
-Doc. Johnson
by Cody December 16, 2003
The most awesome movie ever. enough said.
"Throw in the player when it hits the climax."
by Captain Stiggy June 13, 2004
fucking awesome movie, in which raoul duke (johnny depp) and his samoan attourney (benico del toro) travel to las vegas to film the mint 400. it takes place circa 1971, and shows the nation's mourning of the loss of the 60s era, but also the sheer experimentation and ruthlesness of the next. however, their "mission" turns into a massive drug binge, a crazy adventure where they end up "living the savage american dream." fucking classic. with cameos by cameron diaz, christina ricci, toby mcguire, etc. based on the book by hunter s. thompson. buy the dvd. watch it. tell your friends to buy it. then watch it again.
he was not made for reproduction. too weird to live, too rare to die.

(duke, referring to dr. gonzo)

as your attourney, i advise you to take a hit from the little brown bottle in my shaving kit. you won't need much.

(dr. gonzo to duke)

the possibility of physical and mental collapse is now very real. there is no sympathy for the devil. keep that in mind. buy the ticket, take the ride.

(duke after a night of eether and/or plenty of acid)
by elyse b February 16, 2004
it's a move you pull on the police in a car chase. you go really face take a sharp turn and about 1 mile down the road you get out of your car and lean on it to make it look like you were waiting for them.
Maddog: "So, what are you in here for?"
(insert cool name here): I killed my wife and the cops came chasing me, gave 'em a hell of a time when I pulled a "fear and loathing in las vegas"
Maddog: "Your fucking crazy man!"
An...entertaining movie about an attorney and a writer (Benicio Del Toro and Johnny Depp) and them basically in a giant drug binge w/ every drug you can think of (except weed).
"Did you just eat all this acid?"

"That's right. MUSIC! Put that tape BACK IN! MUSIC! BACK ON! (Intellible)"
by Uncle Pablo January 17, 2004

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