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something that nobody wants.
Guy 1: Ew, Who is that fat girl?

Guy 2: I don't know man, i wish she would leave.
by oooooori March 03, 2009
338 277
A rather large marijuana cigarrette.
Lets smoke a fat girl.
by ja splitter April 07, 2008
131 103
last nights "big" mistake
when i woke up this morning i tried to chew my arm off rather then wake the fat girl.
by kurtis kotes October 05, 2006
328 302
VERB- To relax at home during one's free time, as a fat girl might do on a Saturday night. Often includes watching television, drinking beer, lounging lazily on the couch.
"Are you going out clubbing tonight?" "No, it's been a long week and I'm tired, so I'm just going to fatgirl it."
by Creff von Crinklepants March 14, 2006
33 18
(verb) to impede one's significantly more attractive friends from enjoying themselves because one is obese and unattractive.
Dan: So, how was did your night with Liz last night?

Bob: Eh, it was going good until Katie fatgirled me and made Liz leave.
by GrigShow October 14, 2007
20 12
v. To eat the rest of a bagged snack food by shaking the remaining contents directly into one's mouth.
Do you want anymore of these chips, or can a just fatgirl them?
by Schira October 05, 2007
13 9