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Slang term for "Cum"
"I poured some ranch dressing all over my girls salad lastnight."
by Treble June 16, 2003
Masturbation done by a female.
Heather hadn't gotten laid in a while, so she decide to indulge in a little ranch dressing.
#masturbation #horny #female #girl #sex
by CondimentChick April 20, 2009
Makes salad worth eating
I love salad... Salad smothered in ranch dressing
#ranch #dressing #salad #tasty #fat
by BillB8s December 24, 2013
When a man emmits his semen on a girls face after sexual intercourse then licks it off her face while they continue intercourse/kissing!
Last night, i gave my girlfriend some ranch dressing for her salad i "tossed".
#cum #man #woman #ranch #dressing
by yorolandabith May 02, 2011
1. a 22 year old guy would cannot find love so he decides to try and get with a 16 year old, while hanging out at a friends house a friend discovers ranch dressing all over the floor, and come to conclusion it was "ranch dressings" ranch dressing.
"Who spilt ranch dressing on my floor?"
"I think he got a little happy?!"
#stalker #ranch #dressing #child molester #hick
by braceface:) February 06, 2009
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