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When an overweight male has an irregularly large penis that is highly sought after by women seeking extreme lovin.
1. "Dude all the ladys want Dillons Fat Cock"
2. "She totally wants your Fat Cock in her mouth."
by Themailman May 07, 2005
1. An Obese Rooster

2. A penis with a large girth.

1. (at the Barnyard) look at that fat cock, what's he been eating?!

2. That fat cock is not gonna fit in my a hole- there's no way! aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggghh

it did fit, wow!
#cock #dick #penis #fat #chicken #rooster
by designnathan January 05, 2007
A large rooster, usually male.
I awoke today to a fat cock.
#fat #cock #penis #rooster #vagina
by lunchboxes September 07, 2006
Something that your dad does not want to be known as.
Son: Fat Cock!

Dad: Don't call me that!
#mr. clean #green hair #no! #gilbeys #got a second?
by Juggy-E-Fresh June 16, 2009
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