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When a woman secretes fecal matter onto you falace as you enter her rectum, also known as poopy dick.
Pat pulled a Parkersburg Poop Plug with that girl he took home from the bar last night.
by Juggy-E-Fresh June 17, 2009
Something that your dad does not want to be known as.
Son: Fat Cock!

Dad: Don't call me that!
by Juggy-E-Fresh June 16, 2009
Gathering with your friends in front of a mirror after a good burn, the last one to crack a smile is the least stondest.
Luigi lost least stondest to chickenboy, indian sharkboy and alien fetus.
by Juggy-E-Fresh June 17, 2009
When your friend tells you that his girl is "fine as fuck" and when you finally see her she is a 300lb Honduran immigrant.
I was excited to meet his girl, but when i saw her i found out that a petermann had been pulled on me.
by Juggy-E-Fresh June 16, 2009
A term West Virginians use to describe the act of molestation.
"Why did your mom ground you?"

"I got grounded cuz my mama caught me wierdin my sister again."
by Juggy-E-Fresh June 19, 2009
When a woman cannot satisfy you so you have to run into the bathroom and rub one out.
Kevin was so drunk last night he pulled a gaywood on that girl.
by Juggy-E-Fresh June 16, 2009
Immediately needing an emergency circumcision after getting your foreskin caught on the bunkbed.
Last night Toby had a bad dream and pulled a tobedawg.
by Juggy-E-Fresh June 17, 2009

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