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Stands for Neo Culture Technology. Sounds like an innovation for robots but is actually a diverse boy group under SM Entertainment and is based in South Korea as of now with a limitless number of members. They debuted on April 9, 2016 with their song "The 7th Sense" (NCT U). NCT 127 is based in Seoul. NCT Dream is a subunit exclusively for younger, underage members.

Taeil - Vocalist, plays the guitar, lowkey NCT's dad

Johnny - Dancer/Vocalist (raps occasionally), likes imitating parrots

Taeyong - Leader/Rapper/Dancer/Visual/Face of the Group (sings occasionally), looks cold but is actually very sweet

Yuta - Dancer/Vocalist (raps occasionally), has a killer smile

Doyoung - Vocalist, looks like a bunny

Ten - Dancer/Rapper/Vocalist, has cringey but charming predebut moments

Jaehyun - Vocalist/Rapper, has lived in America for 4 years

Winwin - Dancer/Visual (sings occasionally), an actual acrobat

Mark - Rapper/Vocalist, is in every subunit so far

Renjun - Vocalist, is a skillful drawer

Jeno - Dancer/Vocalist/Visual, has an adorable eye smile

Haechan - Dancer/Vocalist, prankster

Jaemin - Rapper (sings occasionally), unfortunately has a herniated disc in his back so he's on hiatus until he recovers fully

Chenle - Vocalist, has a high pitched laugh that resembles a dolphin

Jisung - Dancer/Vocalist (raps occasionally), can pop and lock it real good
Person 1: Hey, did you hear about NCT's rumored subunit which might debut this month?
Person 2: Hell yeah I did! Mark is most likely going to be in this one, too. I mean, what do expect?
by peachyungs April 16, 2017
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An abbreviation for Nobody Cares Though.
Often used on twitter in conjunction with a hashtag (#)

eg. #NCT
twitter A:My head hurts #NCT
twitter B:I care
by projectmorph August 13, 2011
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Naked Cuddle Time. When you and another person cuddle together naked.
by BIgCountry4Life July 02, 2010
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