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To produce a burp that smells like a fart.
"Dude, that is sick. Was that you?"
"Yeah, sorry, it was a farp"
by acl551 May 10, 2009
a farp is when someone burps and farts at the same time, can often happen accidentally or purposefully

farpers should be held in great regard for the skill required to co-ordinate different bodily noises
"After drinking a soda and having mexican food for dinner Jon was rather gaseous and farped many times."
by mitchelodian January 17, 2008
The article of clothing worn by fat women in lieu of a sweater. It's too big to be a can be most accurately described as a fabric tarp.
Is that a king size comforter? No, that's Big Bertha's farp.
by thekracken August 16, 2011
to fart and fap at the same time.
Person A: Duuude, I was totally fapping to some porn, but i totally farped in the middle of it.

Person B: Awkward.
by derpherpcherp89 July 06, 2011
To fart and burp at the same time
Man, after that garlic pizza last night, I let a farp and I couldn't tell which end smelled worse!
by Qwizzlestick March 29, 2010
A sharp fart wher it may result in 3 or more stitches! In some cases it may sound sore but its not, for the unlucky ones it may not sound sore but it is - worse case scenario u may hear the rippin sound.
Heather: pheowwwrr courtney: did u just do ah ?heather interupps yes courtney yes i just done a farp. Courtney oh are u okay ? heather : no i think i may need stitches
by Annie Heather Courtney October 22, 2009
A synonym to the more common term "sharting," the sum of shitting and farting.
fart + poop = farp
can be used as a noun or a verb
"Shit man, I think I just farped my dress."

"Dude, I just farped so hard that my butt fell out!"
by girlsdontp00p May 06, 2012
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