When you fart at a family party!
There was an awkward silence at the family party at the weekend so (insert name) shocked the mo fos by farping!
by User_87 December 17, 2014
To fart around a poop.
That smelled like a farp!
by killercrush May 16, 2014
Formerly Athletic Regular Person - Somebody who used to be an athlete at the collegiate level but is no longer an athlete.
Look at that old guy playing baseball, he looks like a farp.
by Speed89 May 09, 2011
to fart into a girls mouth and make her swallow it which will make her burp it out in your face
Cameron made Patti farp in his face for his birthday.
by A Girlscout0890 March 01, 2010
Former Athletic Regular Person, a person that used to play a college sport but is now a regular person on campus
The ex soccer player is a Farp, not a Narp
by laxer24 April 23, 2011
in between a fart & a burp !
I ate dinner and i couldn't help it, I farped all night long !
by richjr344 January 20, 2010
Facebook Action Role-Playing
Sean Penley was F.A.R.P. ing when his sister turned into a vampire and attacked him on Facebook's Vampire App.
by ravenshrike July 25, 2008

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