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Fart that sounds like you're farting out marbles.
Whoa! Did you hear that farble? He'd better check his pants.
by DannoPMan July 23, 2009
To aimlessly putter. To screw around with something mindlessly and either create something useful or further screw something up.
"I farbled around with the UNIX command variables until I got the desired results. Lucky me. Time for another latte."
by Whitt March 07, 2007
The unmanly act of pee-ing down one's leg in order to not make noise while while taking a piss. Usually associated with "Bashful Bladder" syndrome. Why not just sit down? Even more unmanly, I suppose.
"I arose in the middle of the night, bladder full, went into the attached, door-less bathroom and farbled in order to avoid awakening Suzy."
by Whitt March 07, 2007
An audible inside fart. When your tummy makes bubbles but they do not come out your butt. Sound but no stink.
"I farbled at the office today and everybody thought I dropped ass."
by Gold Grenade November 28, 2012
cheap, fake flooring that looks like marble; faux marble
Did you see Earline's new double-wide trailer? The kitchen has farble floors. That's the fancy shit.
by sarahsavage April 20, 2006
to put in a random order, mix up or create by accident
Terry's blog on is a great example of random thoughts and musings.
by Farbled January 25, 2005
passing gas while submerged in water.

a combonation of "fart" and "bubble"
"farbles always seems to smell worse than a standard fart"
by protocoldroid June 21, 2004
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