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When used in reference to a picture, typically of a person that one finds attractive, the act of ejaculating on the picture to create a film, or laminate, over the top surface of it.
Kelly just gave me a pic of her, I'm gonna go home an laminate this bia.
by teeoce September 26, 2008
To prepare one or more lamingtons for eating; hence "lamination", the process of making lamingtons.
"I don't know many recipes for cakes, but I am taking a course that will teach me to laminate."

"Would you like to come over this evening? I am going to be laminating in the afternoon so there will be plenty to snack on."

"There is a country fair next week, and all I know how to cook is lamingtons, so there will be a lot of lamination going on this week."
by Ben Graham October 12, 2005

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