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Groping someone's testicles in a ticklish like manner
Hey you want to famble after school today?
by Laxfool10 January 25, 2011
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The act of fake gambling , e.g with friends.
having a fake blackjack famble game at your house with friends.
by beniboy500 March 16, 2012
1.A derivitive of 'fumble' only with an 'a' instead of 'u'
when one 'fumbles or 'fambles' they are generally cutting up or messing up.
1. Tell J.A.H. to stop 'fambling' with that spliff and roll it already!!

2. You should have seen how J.A.H. looked like such a 'famble' when he was dropping his beer.
by Alonzo Hayden April 25, 2007

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