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A girl or boy who you have never met, looks attractive on facebook or on any other social network, but in real life when you finally meet them, you think wow that person is not attractive at all and has disgusting characteristic. Facebook pretty shows that pictures can be deceiving.
Ah, dude this girl pictures on facebook was hot but when i saw her in person, she had all this acne on her.

I'd totally do her facebook body, but not her real body.

"How come you called that date off with that boy?"
"He's nice, and he had a facebook hot picture, but in real life he's not.
by ONHERE July 20, 2009
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Someone who appears hot on facebook, but is not so hot in person.
I did not think much of Tara when I met her for drinks last night, but she befriended me on facebook today and she is mos def facebook-hot!
by crzydoktor May 08, 2009
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When someone looks good on Facebook, but looks like crap in real life.
Jim: Man, that Jen girl is hot!

John: Nahh, she's only Facebook Hot man.
by jimjammarama February 07, 2011
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The act of looking only attractive on Facebook. People are Facebook hot by severly editing pictures.
Gina: That guy was so hot!
Tina: Nah, he's Facebook hot. I saw him in person and he was ugly.
by kenzielala April 08, 2012
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Facebook-hot is a term used when describing someone who only appears to be attractive on their facebook pictures, but in real life is non attractive.
Steve: I went on a date with Cara last night.
Ron: Cara? Her pro pic is so hot. You're lucky.
Steve: No, actually it turns out that she's only facebook-hot.
by Bub for Bubs August 30, 2011
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