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3 definitions by crzydoktor

Someone who appears hot on facebook, but is not so hot in person.
I did not think much of Tara when I met her for drinks last night, but she befriended me on facebook today and she is mos def facebook-hot!
by crzydoktor May 08, 2009
20 5
Sexual intercourse with a pregnant woman, could also be used to describe sex involving chubby chasers/chunky monkeys.
John: Where the fuck were you last night, you wanker?
Mike: Rubbing tummies with Shelia mate, she is her final trimester and it is fucking weird!
John: Wow, really? you seem pretty evenly matched then, eh!
Tammy:Did you see the girl with Mike last night? She weighed like 15 stone!
Cheryl: Yeah, Mike prolly loves rubbing tummies!
by crzydoktor August 20, 2010
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to attempt to, or succeed in hooking up with someone much younger than oneself
Jay:Did you see Matt baby-baiting Nicole's kid sister last night?

Kay:So totally, bro. Matt is such a cradlesnatcher!
by crzydoktor August 19, 2009
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