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When you post something on facebook that is crude or potentially offensive, and then immediately delete it after you realize that all of your family members are going to see it.
Man I heard this hilarious joke about taking a dump on an old lady's chest, and I posted it on facebook, but then I remembered that I'm friends with my grandma. I totally facebalked!
by Jack Mayhoff2 April 23, 2011
Hesitating about whether or not to add someone as a friend from your social networking site's "Suggestions" page.
"They're suggesting I add an old girlfriend as a friend. I need to facebalk until I figure out whether she'd be as insane now as she was back then."
by SomeDave July 31, 2009
A person who has not joined Facebook.
It's so weird, Bill is a web designer and he is still facebalking. Makes it harder to stay in touch with him.
by stuhem October 28, 2010
To stalk someone on facebook using the pictures and info tabs on their profile. Some people will have adresses and cell phone numbers and screen names so it is really easy to stalk them. To get the definition of these people, see retard.
Dude 1: DUDE! I totally just sent this babe a friend request on facebook and she accepted it!

Dude 2: And?

Dude 1: She totally had her TWO cell phone numbers on there with her screen names from AIM, Skype, and MSN. Oh! She also had her adress on there and she lives right next to me! This is gonna be my third facebalk this month!

Dude 2: Dude, it's only the 5th.

Dude 1: Dude, I know!

Dude 2: I can smell a gang bang in the distance.
by IxSuperTrampxI July 16, 2009
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