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Logging into Facebook from work for just a quick "lurker" glance only to receive an IM from someone that knows you should be working.
I was at work today and I swear I was only on Facebook like 30 seconds when I got FaceBusted with an IM from a spouse asking, "Shouldn't you be working?"
by EricStratton March 12, 2010
When you tell a person that you can't hang out with them because you have other things to do but they see you online on Facebook.
Damn, i told Kennedy i couldn't hang out then she Facebusted me., I'm so pissed!
by RagingMonk94' July 25, 2008
When a Facebook friend posts an idiotic comment that you made while intoxicated (usually the night before) for all to see.
Friend 1: Hey girl, remember last night when you said "I read books on tape"?
Friend 2: OMG, I forgot I said that. Aren't I awesome? You sooooo Face Busted me.
by wastingtime@work November 05, 2009
when your facebook status update or a tagged photo of you catches you out in a lie. normally associated with social events .
Bro: I invited Jimbo out to my gig last night but he said he couldn't go out cuz he was sick.

Dude: like hell. i just saw his photos on facebook from a party last night. He looks healthy as hell to me.

bro: Jimbo is so face busted. God help him when i see him next.
by hussaincurrimbhoy April 18, 2010
When you and one friend post information on Facebook but you have already told another friend something different.
"I told Sally that I couldn't go out with her on Saturday, then Jill facebusted me by mentioning my date with her that night."
by cannon09 June 04, 2009
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