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To bust or out someone's petty crimes or shameful actions via facebook pictures or wall posts.
"Sasha totally busted Candice for borrowing without asking."
"Andrew posted some pics of a dinner date with Candice and she was wearing Sasha's sweater in one of them."
"Dood, he soooo facebusted her!"
by Eggwhitey May 13, 2008
When someone screws up the clockwise or counter-clockwise sequence in which a circle of dope smokers pass their joint(s).

Hog! You're getting my hit. You passed to him. Then he was supposed to pass it to me, not pass it right back to your fiending lungs. That's a total rotation violation, man.
by Eggwhitey December 17, 2006
When one member of a facebook relationship decides to alter their relationship status to reflect a discontinuation ("single") or troubled/sketchy state ("it's complicated" or "in an open relationship") of said relationship unbeknownst to the other party or parties of that relationship.
Candice wrote on Greg's wall "never facebreakup with me again b/c it made me break out. love you!" when he cancelled their relationship on his facebook last weekend. Now they're "engaged".
by Eggwhitey December 04, 2007

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