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(1)a male with femine qualites and a sexual desire to be with other men; gay; homosexual; fag; fruit cake; fudgepacker
(2)refers to when a gay male's wrist falls limp and forms a 90 degree angle with a verticle forearm, often times an involuntary movement occuring while in conversation.
The limp wrist liked it up the butt.
by FuriousGourd November 11, 2003
273 125
Gay grindcore band from New York City. short super fast songs, mostly about being gay.
I saw limp wrist play the other day, and they played good.
by alex March 30, 2005
193 81
what the gay guys do with their hands as they flick it when they are speaking
"oh you silly*limpwrist*"
by XfantomcatX April 18, 2003
59 11
synonym for flamingly homosexual
Was it just me or did that guy have kind of a limp wrist?
by tkearns February 11, 2003
118 80
Crazy cool mouse control in PC games.
Very good at playing FPS games.
Yo, that dude just pwn'd those noobs, he's got tha mad limp wrist
by shtonkalot August 09, 2008
20 95
A big fagget, aka a homo.
Fuzzy is such a limp wrist
by dzl February 16, 2005
51 286