A look alike term for a fair man with long shoulder length blonde hair, which he most likely may be obsessed with.

Derived from the iconic hairstyle of Italian model Fabio Lanzoni.
Dude 1: "Hey dude check that guy out with the long hair."
Dude 2: "Which one?"
Dude 1: "Man the one who kinda looks like Fabio, a li'l bit."

Dude 1: "Guess what, they've been calling me Fabio at work cause of my hair."
Dude 2: "Why am i not surprised."
by Aloochat November 06, 2010
To be contraversial.

Developed from namesake of Portuguese Soccer Player - Fábio Alexandre da Silva Coentrão, i.e. Coentrão → Contra → Contraversial.

May be used as both 'noun' or 'verb' (see example).
(verb) -

Person 1: ''You we're being Fabio last night on the dancefloor''
Person 2: ''No I wasn't, she's on my course; we were just talking about Uni work''

(noun) -

Person 1: ''You're the biggest Fabio I know''
Person 2: ''How am I? I've never cheated on anyone!''
by BusquetsCrumpet May 04, 2011
The name fabio is usually a gay italian man. Sometimes called fagio, this man is somewhat sexy but not trustworthy. He is a player and uses people for his own benefit. Most likley bound to have no friends when older. Fabio has no self respect, he is a jerk.
Person 1 : Hey! Who is that guy over there, he looks stuck up!?

Person 2: OH! that is Fabio, he is a total jerk!
by kodakmoment23 April 15, 2009
A god from petland who worships the sun and enjoys taning in unknown ways. Has his own religion of Fabioism
A commandment of Fabioism: thou shall be Shacacon
by shacaconDAMNIT July 11, 2008
fabio is another name for mens perfume, because fabio guys remind me of aftershave..
"dam it your fabio smells good"
by JERALDLO MURLOWSKO November 20, 2006
fantastic,very good, fabulous
i had a jolly good day to day i found the caviar made me slightly parched but over all it was a fabio day today wasnt it
by cucumber21 December 25, 2005
Insanely diesel; So diesel that the word diesel itself does not even begin to describe it
That guy is fabio for killing a bird with his face.

"Man, that Black Sabbath cd is so freakin fabio!"
by Steeeve May 29, 2005
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