Just like WTF, but something new. People use WTF too much, so FTW is just that backwards. Fuck The What
"WTF??? you slept with him??"
"dont use WTF, use FTW"
"fuck the what??"
"thats better!"
by tommy_boy123 August 18, 2011
ftw is like a txting short cut for saying f*ck the world
"dude wats wrong?"

"i got embareessed in frount of the whole school"

"so wat are you gonna do?"

"im gonna go ftw"
by w69busride March 03, 2010
For The win.

Often confused as 'F*#k The What' by girls like myself who generally don't understand things.
-Go Pens! Ftw!

-What does that have to do with anything? Why would you say a thing like that??K
by Kelsica33 December 30, 2010
Usually used as For The Win or Fuck The World.

In this case, Free The Whales.
Tim: FTW *waves sign with a whale on, about*
Ellie: ftw?
Tim: FREE THE WHALES!!!!!!!!!
by WHALES!!! July 28, 2010
Fuck The World. Used to express great support for any real noun or idea.

Literally, this is spectacular I want this to Fuck the World with it's awesomeness.
"Have you heard of the band called Philadelphia Grand Jury?"

"Yeah of course! Philly J's FTW!"
by beaudjangles March 29, 2010
Fort Worth - Texas!
I'm gon' go watch the cattle drive through the FTW (FT Dub). Man them cows catch some speed!
by jenne's girl September 17, 2013
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