Fire the Water - Slang for injecting either heroin or methamphetmine.
Gonna FTW and tweak all night.
by DapperDon123 February 19, 2012
FTW actually means Fuck the What despite popular belief. Used by Asians who mess English up.
FTW, why are you in my house????
by invisable ninja October 23, 2011
Find the wizard
Hey who is toast? I don't know that's a cool nickname though we should ftw!
by beautiful.mind September 20, 2011
Fucking Time Waster.
For a Salesperson, an FT (short for FTW) is someone that comes to the shop only to ask about a product, with no intention of buying.
by jatigre1 April 05, 2011
To vomit in the water
by b12 j February 26, 2011
can also mean free the weed.
Man I wish they would just legalize it already! FTW!!!
by You don't need to know that September 09, 2010
an acronym for a phrase from the online comedy show jake and amir from FTW = For the Wolf.
to learn more visit or (possibly)

usually when used it means "For the win" but as I am a huge J&A fan I always assumed it meant "for the wolf", until I had the common sense to look on here.
From the video Oil Spill
Jake: that's really sad
Amir: for me?
Jake: for the world.
Amir: for the wolf.

^ see? FTW!
by dearlove18 August 07, 2010

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