It originated in the 70s as a jailhouse tattoo and became known to bikers and other guys who will kick your ass if you say it means anything different. 30 years later, some gayass cyberkiddies redefined, but if you have an ounce of class, you'll ignore the cyberfags.
CYBERFAG: "Pokemon ftw!! omg lolz!!!111"

BIKER: If you don't shut up, I'm going to stick a knife in your anus and twist.


CYBERFAG: *sob* you tolz me to shut the fuck up?

UBER-CYBERFAG: No fag! "stfu" means "strawberries taste flowery upsidedown"
by blisterbunny May 05, 2010
FTW is an abbreviation for the phrase "Fuck The World". Which was used by and most commonly affiliated with American neo-nazis, and bikers from the late sixties to the mid eighties. It was a common tattoo and often found in the form of graffiti on police stations, and foreign owned business's.

FTW is also and most recently an abbreviation for the phrase, "For the Win." Which is strictly internet slang. "typed not spoken"
Mac: " Hey Wolf the cops got billy, and they made em reck his bike! He's in real bad shape...."

Wolf: "Well shit man, we gotts go bust em out!"
Mac: "Huh, no way man that's suicide! We gotta lay low for a while."
Wolf: Ahhh shit, FUCK THE WORLD!

by akiraDeathStar June 13, 2009
Harry is wrong. FTW means Fuck the World commonly used on the internetz.
XBox Live FTW!
by elliottsmith5575 April 28, 2010
Fuck The World. NOT For The Win, that is the stupidest nerd bastardization of anything ever known to man. Often used after stating an opinion, saying that your what you think can't be changed no matter what anyone else says/does.
Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all-time, FTW.

For The Win is only used by nerds and kids not old enough to buy porn or cigarettes, FTW.
by HeHateMeXFL July 20, 2009
f*** the world
"I woke up screaming f*** the world today

{They tryin to say that I don't care}
Just woke up and screamed, FTW!" From: 2pac song F*** The World.
by Ashaleighne7 May 06, 2009
Fuck the world
FTW, I'm going to blow my brains out!
by inurfaceaaron January 30, 2011
Free Tacos Wednesday...
FTW at tacobell on wednesday
by s0sick July 10, 2008

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