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Not quite the best. One level from being the best.

From baseball, the highest level of minor leagues before reaching the majors.
"So how was In n Out tonight?"
"Fucking awesome as always but they didn't crisp the bun enough. And there weren't enough slutty high school chicks there. It was strictly AAA."

"The graphics are blotchy and the game crashes when trying to alt-tab. It's fun and addictive, but the defects limit it AAA."
by Varitech June 01, 2005
In any game, particularly video games, an exclamation said to oneself after losing or getting killed while going after a bonus objective or points. Used as a reminder to focus on the main directives after the fact.

Alternatively, said to a teammate who gets killed while doing so.

Orginated from Pac-Man, where you earned bonus points for eating the fruit.
"Dammit, Matt, I told you not to worry about looting the corpse until after we killed all the thugs! Now we're both dead! Fruit, Matt! Fruit!"
by Varitech June 01, 2005

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