a euphemism of the commonly censored swear word "fuck"
What the fruit?

You mothafruitin' bastard ass, get your ho-bag self outta my fruitin' house before I call the fruitin' police! I can't believe I let you fruit me!
by Iwantahaveurbaby March 16, 2003
1) The ripened product of an ovary. (This can mean an apple, or even a pumpkin or a sunflower seed....or a child. Like you.)
2) Someone who tells you the truth, even if you don't want to hear it. Someone who hurts you, but who you love deeply. Someone who is your best friend and is leaving for a little while.
1) MMM. I'm in the mood for some tasty fruit! Grab that apple or pumpkin or small boy!
2)'I'm not leaving for long. We'll see eachother on Monday' 'You little fruit'
by denbeauty May 13, 2006
Refers to a male's testicles.
Damn bitch! Get of my fruits!
by FlyingJ December 03, 2004
A good way to offend ones religion such as to make fun of, to insult, or to masturbate. Fruity, fruitless.
People hate that fruity priest.
by anonymous July 09, 2003
1. Fruit(noun)- a type of food with sweet nectar-like flavors.

2. Fruit(adj.)- A fag; one who is decribed in polite terms to be a man stalker. (Fruity)

3. Fruit(vb.)- The act of homosexuality; to fruit someone
1. Yo bizz, can you hand me that sweet delicious nectar-like piece of fruit thats melting at yo fingatips?

2. Pshh, that guy over there is a fruit, look at him asking for peoss fucks.

3. Yo hatz i just fruited someone by touching their fobogus parts. It was good.
by BizZ September 03, 2004
A male, often named Adam, who likes to barbeque but doesn't exactly know what it is.
-"Adam, what are yo doing over there with those burgers?"
-"Why, i'm not barbequing them, i'm not using any sauce!
by Annie :) April 10, 2003

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