1) The ripened product of an ovary. (This can mean an apple, or even a pumpkin or a sunflower seed....or a child. Like you.)
2) Someone who tells you the truth, even if you don't want to hear it. Someone who hurts you, but who you love deeply. Someone who is your best friend and is leaving for a little while.
1) MMM. I'm in the mood for some tasty fruit! Grab that apple or pumpkin or small boy!
2)'I'm not leaving for long. We'll see eachother on Monday' 'You little fruit'
by denbeauty May 13, 2006
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The "shlong" shape that is seen in the outline of a man's jeans when an erection is present.
Jacob: "You're wearing that to church?"

Sean: "Yeah, why?"

Jacob: "Well... your bearing fruit, dude!"
by Ethan Isaac February 15, 2009
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Out-of-town dwellers viewed by city folk. (Day trippers). (Tourists).
Country folk in town, dressed in 'day out' clothing. Tourists from foreign parts. Move at a different pace and indifferent to busy locals. Treating all others as the city masses and not individuals. So inadvertently rude at the bar, not engaging with locals and forgetting politeness. On a busy train they will allow one seat for a bag. In a bar they will cut between two people in conversation. Obviously shocked when confronted, as they think they are inoffensive and invisible. That is the most offensive thing about 'Fruit'.
by Dyslexic November 11, 2009
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an insult to a homsexual person that aslways seems to wear the same hat. THat nobody likes.
that guy over there is such a fruit
by ENDOLIFE May 25, 2009
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verb, to bug out, go crazy, under the effects of drugs usually
I took 3 hits of acid and seriously fruited one time
by satanhitlerr July 05, 2007
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-verb: to ejaculate

-pronunciation key {fru-ít}

-alternate forms (fruote, fruiting, fruits)

-nominal form: fruition
"When I saw that hot girl on the bus, I thought I was going to fruit my pants"

"I've got fruition stains all over my sheets"
by John Tinsley February 20, 2008
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A good way to offend ones religion such as to make fun of, to insult, or to masturbate. Fruity, fruitless.
People hate that fruity priest.
by anonymous July 09, 2003
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