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FOSS is an acroymn which refers to Free and Open Source Software. A term nessicary to describe two releated entities, yet different and seperate in some important philosophies.

This acroymn has its origins when the Free Software Foundation proclaimed their GNU General Public License as not actually open source, even though it is considered an open source liscense and is compliant with the Open Source Definition as described by the Open Source Initiative.
The FOSS communities are related, and differ only in extreamly judgemental geek lexicon and proclamations.
by Indrid Cold August 08, 2004
plural: Fosses
Fresh off the slave ship. A person who thinks he or she is black; A person who moved from Africa to somewhere else; A regular black person. This term is similar to the word Fob but is more focused on Africans and African Americans.
My new friend from Niger Luke is a true foss.
Dave Chapelle the foss is my favorite comedian.
#fob #nigga #nigger #dawg #homie
by dave chapelle (TML) July 25, 2006
is someone who is nosy, and wants to know everything.
yo b; i heard about your man. (den someone is like "i wanna noe, i wanna noe"....your too damn foss! move and g'long :P
#nosy #foss #wanna #know #everything #lol
by BabiieGurl April 03, 2009
Fresh Off the Slave Ship

A term typically used to apply to people when they are dressed too gaudily for a given occasion. It is believed that when Africans were brought to America as slaves, they thought they were going on a cruise and wore their best clothes. When they landed, they found out that it was all for nought.
Look at that Persian all dressed up at the DMV. He is such a FOSS!

You're wearing Gucci, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and Christian Dior all at the same time? You are an incredible FOSS!
#guido #douchebag #tool #fake #wannabe
by Dip-meister July 23, 2009
A word to describe the undescribable. Something that is at the pinnacle of exellence and wealth.
"His house is so foss. I want to say amazing but only foss can describe it." That guy is isnt flossy but fossy.
#extravagent #magnificent #petty #amazing #poor #dull #lackluster
by big gun61 August 08, 2009
A general state of feeling like the boss. It is not referring to being at work. It is more of a state of power, a temporary feeling. You are the shit for a minute. Used as an adjective to describe a feeling.
You must feel so foss with that new car man.

"That outfit your wearing makes you look like the boss."-Person 1

"Yeah man, im feeling foss."-Person 2
#the boss #manager #gangster #the shit #badass
by fossboss August 12, 2009
foss is an arabic word for fart or flatulance
tony aratet foss?????
tony did you just fart?????
#fart #flatulance #gas #ass #fanny #tooshie
by VoiceOverGuy August 05, 2009
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