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n. ebonic for shrimp, prawns or crawfish.
often used as a nickname.

adj. small, not very much. to scrape or save a portion.
n. "boy, i sure loves me some skrimps!", kaleb said

adj. "word, yo! gives me a skrimp of them delicious skrimps.", caleb replied
by winksie April 14, 2008
n. (faussee) 1.a famous dance corriographer known for his uber-gay moves.

adj. (faussee) 2. extravogant, unnecessary, overboard.
3. gay.
Drew is watching his lover stephan prance around the apartment and says,"ooh stephan! you are SO Fosse right now."
by winksie April 13, 2008
(skuuut)n. sailor term. a cut, groove, divet or gash in the deck, hull or prow of a boat usually caused by an accident or battle.

slang- a nasty, dirty or annoying female. female reproductive organs.
"Aye, thar be a scut in the prow me matey!", sailor winksie
"i be stashin' me boogers in that scut on the deck.", sailor billy-no0b

"ew! like, she is SUCH a scut!", some mall rat
by winksie April 12, 2008
a person, place, thing or action that is a TOTAL waste of time... boring! an obstruction of fun. A social obstacle. LAME!
A party pooper.
"I get on with Mrs. So-In-So alright, but her husband sure Shaves the Sloth!"
by winksie December 21, 2011
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