foss is an arabic word for fart or flatulance
tony aratet foss?????
tony did you just fart?????
by VoiceOverGuy August 05, 2009
n.- somebody who thinks they are a boss

-a fake boss
If someone talks about getting mad biddys when they dont and self proclaiming themselves a boss they are really a foss.
When someone talks about being a boss when they have a girlfriend/boyfriend-a foss
by J Toral June 24, 2009
Full Of Shit Syndrome
"Hey i think your mate has a case of FOSS"

You can just nickname someone who talks alot of shit "FOSS"
by h0m1ez July 22, 2008
An old or otherwise lame person. Short for fossil.
Man, did you hear what that fossil said to me? Plural usage: Check out the fosses in their Volvos.
by Annie Olson November 02, 2006
A word used for a gay person that acts extra gay
Dude 1: You coming to Max's party??

Dude 2: Of course

Dude 1: Okay dress up

*Next day*

*Max opens the door sees guy sitting in with legs crossed guy bites his lips and tells max to come over*


*Max runs in the house*
by >;3_Yur_Wrst_Nightmare_>;D March 02, 2010
The best online female gamer you will find anywhere in the UK

Foss : ;) you get me
by yumiko July 14, 2007
Acronym for Full of Shit Southerner. Used to describe a person from the South (including but not limited to the following states: NC, SC, GA, TN, AL, MS, LA, VA and KY) who is politely being evasive, untruthful, disingenuous and/or passive aggressive. A common behavior found in regional southern culture and widely deemed unacceptable to a northerner, who typically values being forthright. For example, the acronym is applicable when someone is 'yessing' you to death and truly means 'no'.
"That person was a FOSS. She kept saying she's love to buy a timeshare from me, and when I asked her for her credit card, she made all sorts of excuses."

"Total FOSS's. They're from North Carolina."
by TSnyc September 06, 2014
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