A Cross Between A Fart And A Poop!
I Thought I Had To Pass Gas, But I Fooped!
by The Original One March 03, 2008
1. Someone who is a complete failure at life, or at a specific thing. Someone who is often incoherent, and nonsensical.
2. A tool.
3. A thing that is useless beyond comprehension.
1. Teacher: Stacy, what is the square root of 16?
Stacy: Uh, 2?
Mark: Stacy, you are such a flippin' foop.

2. Plumber 1: Can I borrow your monkey wrench, Plumber 2?
Plumber 2: Sure thing.
Plumber 1: These nuts wont twist! This monkey wrench is such a foop.
by poodge July 10, 2008
Noun: An enormous crotch bulge. When someone has so much fat on their stomach that it falls below the line of their hoo ha or yoo hoo
That girl has the biggest foop I've EVER SEEN!
by ssorc March 16, 2008
To shave ones genatialya when it needs to be shaved.
I really need to foop, i havent in a month!
by mindcreep May 13, 2008
Loving a very sexy and slender young woman.

also, Fooptastic - Very excited about loving this special someone to the greatest degree.
Boss: I have noticed a great increase in the way you work, what has gotten into you?

Worker: i am very Fooptastic about this girl Amanda shes a g0ddest.
by Coa87878 August 23, 2007
that was awesome, or that was horrible can be used in both situations
Trevor: Tori, that scooter jump was Foop!
Tori: Thanks
by Tori Jones August 12, 2007
the action of farting in your hand which is directly placed upon the crevis of your ass cheeks and taking that hand to cover another's mouth so they get nothing but a mouthfull of methane gases and fecal particals; mixture of a fart and a scoop
Damn i got fooped by Amir so bad the other day that i threw up right afterwards
by foop masta J June 26, 2007
Feeling Out Of Place.
...I'm feeling really foop right now.
by randomer January 17, 2007

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