A Cross Between A Fart And A Poop!
I Thought I Had To Pass Gas, But I Fooped!
by The Original One March 03, 2008
The evil opposite of Cosmo and Wandas baby Poof on Fairly odd Parents. Foop is square and blue. He loves total domination although he never gets it.
Foop tried to kill the world again but Poof saved us.
by Biofag July 13, 2011
Any random sick act in which poop becomes food, also able to be known as poo'd, this disgusting act is seen most notably in the 2 girls 1 cup video, and in third world countries.
dude, she just ate that foop....dude what?
by GDillon October 07, 2010
a more user friendly version of the word "shart". When you think you are going to cut a fart but, suprise, more than just the air escapes!
Hey Randy! Pull my finger. Oh Damn! I just fooped my pants bro. Take me home so I can change.
by Slim Jacklepappy May 15, 2008
Similar to the concept of a shart, a foop is when one means to excrete feces and accidentally passes gas instead. Hence fart + poop = foop.
Alex accidentally fooped on his boyfriend's chest.
by Dan Bernblum September 25, 2009
to fake poop, usually while at work or during class, with the goal of taking an unearned break or to send a text/make a phonecall/check your social networking site
Wife: I didn't expect you to call me, I thought you were at work?
Husband: Yeah, I'm fooping right now.
by byaaaaaaaa November 22, 2011
to fart, but a little sprinkling of chocolately not-so-goodness from your bumhole squirts out.
Dude man, don't make me laugh so hard, or I'll totally foop
by Fried Chicken, Bitch! December 12, 2010

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