v. This happens when you fart first and then a little poop comes out. The total opposite of shart - meaning to shit and then fart.
Yesterday I fooped and had to go to the restroom to wipe.
by imacowhunter March 06, 2006
A less offensive word to replace a widely used swear word starting with the same letter. Originated from television when swear words are bleeped out. Also used for people/persons who's name(s) has been surpressed in court.
You're a motherfoopin towel!
What the foop did you just do to my household insurance?!
The woman who allegedly raped the kitten was foop MCfoop.
Foop I shouldn't swear anymore.
by ravenhiss September 14, 2003
a foolish, socially inept person
the foop sneezed softdrink all over himself and swore at his misfortune
by Ben Arnold January 15, 2006
You know when your running around a COD map with the china lake, or underbarrel grenade launcher attachment, and some nub pops out and gets the grenade launched right through him, and it makes that super satisfying "foop" noise. Thats the art of fooping.
*You chuckle, and take another hit of the blunt*
by fooper9 February 06, 2011
A poopy fart not unlike a shart. But without the vulgar pretense.
"Do you smell that foop?"
by McDonnie the Matador August 14, 2009
n. 1.Ryan Marquardt
v. 2. To insert exactly 2 fingers into the anus.
noun = Ish da foop!!
verb = I fooped my ass in the shower today
by not a foop April 04, 2004

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