a word used by pricks to describe how terrible they THINK their life is, when it really could be alot worse.

also used by people who believe that by saying the word, they will become cool just like everybody else.

Prick: Yesterday my mom just bought me a mercedes instead of the ferrari that i wanted. fml

Prick: ahhhh fml.

Person: Maybe your life would not be as bad if u didnt spend so much of it on and picked up your cell phone to make plans.

by angeredblackman April 15, 2009
An acronym overused by whiny teenage girls who can't stand when one tiny thing about their life goes wrong.
Katie: omfg!! me and my bf of 3 days got into an argument!!! FML!!!

Bill: Shut up, bitch. No one cares.
by omgwaffleslol March 15, 2010
Fuck my life. Pretty self explanitory. It's when life gets really hard, and all you want to say is "fuck my life". Coined by the liquor store employee in Superbad.
I have five exams this week....FML (Fuck my life).
by FLAPIMP July 10, 2008
An acronym for "Find My Lamp" in a case where one cannot find one's own lamp.
Hey Brittany, fml

Brittany: Okay:D
by Thunderboom March 17, 2008
Acronym for Fuck my life.
BR: FML. >:/
AK: And that is?
BR: Fuck my life.
by IZAMANDAK February 01, 2009
fine malt liquor
by Anonymous July 15, 2003
Freak mutan lizards
d00d! fml! sweet!
by AmberApparatu$ July 10, 2008

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