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ACRONYM: Funny Looking Kid.

Used to describe a kid who is... Funny Looking!

If a boy came in to your house wearing some fugly clothes, you could say, "that's one FLK."

syn: fugly, ugly, weird looking, unusually dressed
A girl with three noses walks into the restruant.
hostess: That sure is one FLK!

Mark: wow! that boy looks weird!
Santos: yeah man! he's one FLK...
by g-diggity June 10, 2006
pediatric nurses use this term to describe a baby or child that is not so is only used between nurses and other medical staff. Funny Looking Kid.
mary is here and she brought her new baby. the poor thing is a flk.
by madamekiki October 17, 2005
adj.\Flick\ - "Funny Looking Kid"
Medical Term used primarily in hospital visits between medical staff. When a patient comes in for treatment and their face is jacked up (more retarded than beat up), the doctors talk code to one another... "Hey, did you see the flk in room 302? Sad."
by Frank Lloyd Kimbriel, MD March 02, 2008
Funny Looking Kid
like a fat kid, an ugly kid, a stupid kid (of course no handicapped kids)
F.L.K, F.L.K, over there !!!
by Emu Lgator January 11, 2004
Whats FLK? Whats FLK you ask? Its quite simple actually...FLK is Funny Lookin Kid!

FLK a.k.a. Alex Shiano
by Jordan November 07, 2003
FUNNY LOOKIN' KID (note capitals)
alex schieanoenosdkaiudjfd dk how to spell his name
by ANDREW November 30, 2003
Funny Lookin' Kid
Haley Joel Osment is a FLK!
by Justin November 05, 2003
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