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abbreviation for "For Fucks Sake"

A term used to emphasise a statement or action, similiar use as for Christ sakes or for goodness sakes etc.
FFS you are gorgeous!

Quite being so down on yourself FFS.
by mad trapper March 26, 2010
Acronym for 'For Fuck's Sake!' Usually used in video games.

FFS N00b that was my kill!

FFS n00b GTFO my chopper!
by DrDalek5 April 16, 2009
For fuck sake
FFS, stop gurning, you Glentoran Bastard.
by fellowstig January 14, 2011
An acronym for "For fuck's sake", meaning "I can't believe this shit, I demand you to stop"

The source is For Christ's sake ("in Christ's name please explain/stop that"). Swap in Fuck All ("nothing") for the deity, and you get an urban, angry, non-religious, expletive, demanding equivalent of "Oh My God, do something".
1. For fuck's sake, where did you get that godawful haircut?
2. FFS, I've explained it to you five times already. Now STFU!
by HJJBrig January 13, 2014
FFS means For Fuck(s) Sake
You use it for a more serious FGS (For god's sake)
Like if a game room leader is AFK (away from keyboard) for a long period of time.
Guy1: UGH, When is this guy gonna come back!
Guy2: Its been an hour!
Guy1: FFS =_=
by Sinfulfayt April 17, 2011
Find First Set. Used in Linux programming as a quick way to find which is the first bit of a word, starting from the least significant bit, that is set.
From the Linux kernel arch/x86/kernel/cpu/mtrr/generic.c:

high_width = ffs(size_or_mask & 0xffffffffUL) - 1;

high_width becomes the bit position of the least significant bit set in size_or_mask. Note, the least significant bit for ffs is 1, not 0, because 0 is returned if no bit is set. The -1 is used to convert the result of ffs() to the standard bit numbering.
by Linux nerd May 18, 2011
for fux sake, for fuck sake

this was first used in the early days of IRC cat rooms by insomnia, it became popular in the game imperial conflict and Battlefield 1942

I personally can remember it in the days of castle wolfenstein and hidden and dangerous both fantastic games way ahead of their time as was Dune
ffs cant you talk about anything else
by panzermort June 26, 2013