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A combonation of American and cunt referring to an American that you dislike.
"George Bush is the biggest Americunt"
by 2345432545324534332455435454 August 13, 2007
A combo of asshole and mole used to describe a female that you dislike.
Man i hate tina, she is an ass-mole
by 2345432545324534332455435454 August 14, 2007
A combonation of cinderella and fella (meaning Male)
1.A homsexual male
2. A Cross dresser
3.A guy you deem to be a wuss
"I dont wanna get hurt!"
"Dont be a wuss,are you a cinder-fella or something?"
by 2345432545324534332455435454 August 16, 2007
Stands for: for Fu*k Sake!
Used while playing online computer games.
Player 1 FFS! I keep dying!
player 2 Get the rocket launcher then!
by 2345432545324534332455435454 August 16, 2007

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