Acronym: Full Fucking Stop

An emphatic, incredulous rejoinder to a statement, which indicates one's utter rejection of that statement as being so far beyond ridiculous and/or stupid that no further discussion of it is merited, warranted or tolerable.
Justin Bieber is your idol?? FFS!!

Like, hate the Bieber?? FFS!!

Dude, are you seriously going to use Justin Bieber in your Urban Dictionary Definition example?? FFS!!
by ExtremistModerate January 15, 2011
stand for For F#$$ SAKES. Used in Online Games Such as CoH CoV WoW
F.F.S. I got Pwned!
F.F.S. There are way to many bosses here.
by QFC November 29, 2005
Fast Forward to Saturday
oh my goodness, i cant take this monday...FFS!
by Vengeance4eva June 23, 2010
Acronym for "Fat Finger Syndrome." When a person with large fingers tries to type, and accidently hits too many keys.
"Hey@! Whjat's uip?"

Oops, sorry! FFS!
by wewaspor November 30, 2009
Stands for: for Fu*k Sake!
Used while playing online computer games.
Player 1 FFS! I keep dying!
player 2 Get the rocket launcher then!
by 2345432545324534332455435454 August 16, 2007
1.) An internet slang acronym meaning "for fuck's sake."
2.) An infamous acronym on the message boards meaning "Fox for sex." The meaning of the phrase is unknown.
1.) FFS! were gettin pwned!
2.) excuse me, everyone! Fox for sex. That is all.
by Chevy Jackson December 21, 2007
For fuck sake.
Fighting for science.
Fire fighter soup.
Finding fair sleep.
Friends for sure.
Friction' for sissies.
Fun facial sauce.
Fuck for sale.
Friends for sex.
Fuck fucking seagulls.
Fish for sale.
Female facial spray.
FFS-it's it's own definition.
Faggots fugly secrets.
ZOMFG! WTF DAT NWB JUST KILLED ME WITH A GOD DAMN ROCKET LAUNCHER! !FUCKING NOOBS FFS! GTFO YOU ROCKETWHORE! LRN2PRO SUCKZOR. I'll stick my hand down your throat, rip out your spine and whip you with it, hang you with it and beat you to death with your own skull!!!

*proceeds to teabag remains of noob and kills noob again as he tries to sneak up on you*
by Wings of Lead January 21, 2008

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