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Fat Fuck Syndrome. A person with type-2 diabetes caused by their obesity and poor health habits. Origin guy with type-1 and friend.
Do you have type-1 or type-2 diabetes? Well I do not suffer FFS, so i have type-1.
by GAMECOCK-type1 March 04, 2012
35 38
short slang. for fuck sake
jack: when will people learn the meaning of ffs
bob: i agree for fuck sake people keep asking
by loltehrealpawnd November 12, 2011
3 6
Find First Set. Used in Linux programming as a quick way to find which is the first bit of a word, starting from the least significant bit, that is set.
From the Linux kernel arch/x86/kernel/cpu/mtrr/generic.c:

high_width = ffs(size_or_mask & 0xffffffffUL) - 1;

high_width becomes the bit position of the least significant bit set in size_or_mask. Note, the least significant bit for ffs is 1, not 0, because 0 is returned if no bit is set. The -1 is used to convert the result of ffs() to the standard bit numbering.
by Linux nerd May 18, 2011
7 10
1. An acronym for the phrase "For fucks sake!", generally used in any given MMORPG and forum.

2. An acronym for "Fake Friend Syndrome" used when someone pretends to be another person's friend for their own personal gain. This is usually done in school to acquire information in which to insult them later or to cheat off the person you are pretending to be friends with.
1. Idiot: wats a n00b?
Me: FFS! Go away!

2. Me: He's got FFS.
by Social Republic December 30, 2010
13 20
Normally used as For Fucks Sake, but can be used for Fat Finger Syndrome.
FFS, either I got FFS or these phone keys are getting smaller.
by Pezzer7 May 19, 2010
12 19
For Fucks Sage!
Chris: "Bryn, is Sage working yet?"
Bryn: "ffs!"
by Sage 50 June 13, 2011
2 13
Fat face syndrome
When your talking to your friend while holding the phone on your shoulder..and you accidently hang up...AHH snap!! I accidently hung up AGAIN..sorry FFS!
by ohyeahkayla December 03, 2011
0 17