the three things men(straight) can't live without: food, football and sex
Jake: Hey man u look depressed and slightly emo today.
Jeff: Yeah i haven't gotten any F, F, or S(FFS) in like a month. If this keeps up I might die.
Joe: Damn dude that sucks ass.
by Shankman24 November 07, 2008
friendly fire, sorry
player1 one team kills player2

player1: ffs
player2: you suck!
by atledpikachu March 07, 2008
Facial Feminization Surgery; used by male to female transsexuals
I want FFS so I can be seen as who I am
by Transgirl December 12, 2004
Fucked For Sure, being caught or stuck in a bad situation.
Ran out of gas at 2am in the middle of nowhere, FFS.
by Rakshala October 02, 2007
Acronym for "fuck fuck shit" and "for fuck's sake".
Generally used in multiplayer/online games and chat.
As appreciated in the example below, both serve the same meaning.
-"I've just washed the car, FFS!"

-"That guy's leeroying us"
by Xette June 19, 2006
The Chairman of Newcastle United Football Club - Fat Freddie Shepherd. A hopeless clown who can not for the life of him control a business.
"I see FFS has been caught in a brothel AGAIN!"
by Dan Wilson September 03, 2006
used mainly when anger and frustration run rampent through the veins of even the most noble and happy chappy
kid' settle down fukwit
by J April 01, 2005

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