For fuck sake.
Fighting for science.
Fire fighter soup.
Finding fair sleep.
Friends for sure.
Friction' for sissies.
Fun facial sauce.
Fuck for sale.
Friends for sex.
Fuck fucking seagulls.
Fish for sale.
Female facial spray.
FFS-it's it's own definition.
Faggots fugly secrets.
ZOMFG! WTF DAT NWB JUST KILLED ME WITH A GOD DAMN ROCKET LAUNCHER! !FUCKING NOOBS FFS! GTFO YOU ROCKETWHORE! LRN2PRO SUCKZOR. I'll stick my hand down your throat, rip out your spine and whip you with it, hang you with it and beat you to death with your own skull!!!

*proceeds to teabag remains of noob and kills noob again as he tries to sneak up on you*
by Wings of Lead January 21, 2008
1.) An internet slang acronym meaning "for fuck's sake."
2.) An infamous acronym on the message boards meaning "Fox for sex." The meaning of the phrase is unknown.
1.) FFS! were gettin pwned!
2.) excuse me, everyone! Fox for sex. That is all.
by Chevy Jackson December 21, 2007
Fat Friend Syndrome-Sort of a Murphy's Law of dating. Most hot or good looking woman have a lesser attractive, usually overweight friend along to accompany her on a date or social gathering. Half Bouncer and Half Excuse Hot chicks employ the help of these friends to protect from an on slot of lame fellows, or as an excuse to escape. The Male can combat a FFS by deploying a wingman to create a diversion.
"That girl is hot but we have a FFS in effect"

"FFS, to your left."
by JJKOshane December 15, 2008
the three things men(straight) can't live without: food, football and sex
Jake: Hey man u look depressed and slightly emo today.
Jeff: Yeah i haven't gotten any F, F, or S(FFS) in like a month. If this keeps up I might die.
Joe: Damn dude that sucks ass.
by Shankman24 November 07, 2008
Facial Feminization Surgery; used by male to female transsexuals
I want FFS so I can be seen as who I am
by Transgirl December 12, 2004
Fucked For Sure, being caught or stuck in a bad situation.
Ran out of gas at 2am in the middle of nowhere, FFS.
by Rakshala October 02, 2007
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