Acronym: Full Fucking Stop

An emphatic, incredulous rejoinder to a statement, which indicates one's utter rejection of that statement as being so far beyond ridiculous and/or stupid that no further discussion of it is merited, warranted or tolerable.
Justin Bieber is your idol?? FFS!!

Like, hate the Bieber?? FFS!!

Dude, are you seriously going to use Justin Bieber in your Urban Dictionary Definition example?? FFS!!
by ExtremistModerate January 15, 2011
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Acronym for, for fuck's sake.
by Anonymous September 10, 2002
Acronym for 'For Fuck's Sake!'
FFS! Shut up, woman! Just don't let him carry you down the stairs when he's drunk and you'll be fine!
by 2goth4this July 09, 2005
For Fucks Sake - this is the most common abbreviation most often used in gaming circles.
"FFS n00b get the hell outa my damn chopper"
by BumBumBanana May 29, 2006
"For Fuck's Sake!"
aka FFS
aka 4FS
aka 4fs
Originally used in Quake 3, created and defined by team OLD
(The Mike's)
You just got 'naded by a spammer.

A common reply to this might be:

This spawned into Forums, email, IM, and other online games such as WoW
by M 2teh C March 15, 2006
for fucks sake

some one may say this when they are pissed off.
ffs stop asking me!

ffs i dont care

by roo1234 April 05, 2008
1) For Fuck's Sake - a common expletive used online.

2) Flying Farang Syndrome - when rich older western men move to Thailand, marry a young Thai girl and can 'suddenly' realise they can fly from a high rise condominium on their honeymoon. As a result this leads to the death of the foreigner (farang in Thai) and a quick inheritance for the 'grieving' bride.
1) FFS you're an a-hole.

2) That bar girl has had six husbands, but they all suffered from FFS. The previous occupant in this condo had FFS.
by Nonflyingfarang January 05, 2013
For Fuck's Sake

Originally used in Quake, created and defined by team OLD
(The Mike's)
You just got 'naded by a spammer.

A common reply to this might be:
by M 2teh C March 15, 2006

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