Franklin Delanor Roosevelt valiantly attempted to unify the United States of America and the USSR as the USSR. He was a staunch supporter of all things socialist, and was the antithesis of all things American. Not only did he galliantly and knowingly sacrifice the lives of over 3000 Americans at Pearl Harbor, which he instigated single handedly, but this crippled crusader of communism allowed communist forces from the USSR expand throughout western Europe. Joseph Stalin was proud of his rolling friend. History will eventually judge him accordingly, however left-wing academics beam a yellow-glazed smile of favor on their seated commander-in-chief and for some reason give the chair-master a high ranking as president. He is in fact----the suck. Currently FDR is sitting in a wheel chair in hell.
Ivan-I think we should take all of our candy and share it equally with everyone.

Johnny-Ivan, don't be such an FDR. I paid for this candy with my own money. I know you're a dirty rusky like FDR but please for the love of God, stand up like an American. You know what else can't stand??? Snakes. You fuckin snake.
by Angry American1861 April 18, 2009
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The thirty-second President of the United States. Guided the U.S. through World War II, helped millions of Depression-stricken Americans with his relief programs, and instituted the remarkably effective Tennessee Valley Authority.
FDR kicked ass.
by Albie Wangsta April 13, 2004
The last great president.
FDR so totally PWNS bush, that filthy corporate tool!
by Captain Dan February 20, 2005
Our greatest President, short of Harry Truman. Kicked Hitler's ass most of WWII, brought us out of Laissez Faire and the depression. He fought for civil rights, and is all around a good President.
We need FDR again in light of Bush.
by Catholiccommunist April 09, 2006
The best president of all time. Had to face some of the worst circumstances of the 20th century
We really need an FDR nowadays.
by Smoking1945 July 09, 2009
Weed that is so strong that it will put you in a wheelchair (metaphorically speaking, of course).
Dude, I smoked so much of that FDR bud that I can't feel my legs.
by Juan D. March 21, 2007
Having sex while in a wheelchair. Named after the US president that had polio stricken legs leaving him in a wheelchair to do his business.
Dude, I hooked up with a chick at the special olympics. We totally had FDR.
by Zetters March 17, 2014
Flight Data Recorder
Ummmmm.......i dont think the engine is supposed to be doing that........(impact sound)
by irishrepublicanarmy December 24, 2003
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