A Position at Johnny Rockets, Fountain Drink Runner, also has been used as "Fuckin Dumb Retard"
"Wow, Where is the FDR? He's a fuckin dumb retard"
by The best DamnFDR August 14, 2006

by Swagga Certified Since 92 November 15, 2008
The man you started expanding government meant only as a temporary crutch to help the American people but politicians decided to jump on the various handouts implemented by FDR to get the vote of the lower class. Also, toed the isolationist line until Japan decided to start some ruckus.
FDR decided it was time to whip up on imperialistic Japan and the marauding Germans.
by P. Kaltenbach December 23, 2007
One of America's last great presidents, like Reagan and Lincoln.
Why are there no more good politicians like FDR today? Republican or Democrat, either way we're fucked.
by AJAW February 18, 2005
The 32nd President of the United States. Badly overrated, mostly because people with no knowledge of history think that he ended the Great Depression. He started Social Security, a program partially responsible for the current multi-trillion dollar U.S. national debt.
Guy: " Dude, FDR was the last good president, he ended the Great Depression."

Other Guy: "Actually, rearmament in preparation for World War II stimulated the economy and ended the Great Depression in America, not anything FDR did."
by Slim77 July 27, 2010
32nd president of the United States, used his New Deal to temporarily solve the economic problems we faced due to the depression, although they worsened our economy in the long run. He did this to win the middle and lower class and get reelected. Also tried to stack the supreme court by increasing the number of judges from 9 to 15 so he could choose judges which would support his politics and get his way. One of our worst presidents.
FDR is a power hungry shit who decided to be an ass and break Washington's two term precident. he is gay and should be punched in the face.
by lane heel January 25, 2008
32nd President of the U.S.

One of the worst presidents of all time. Pushed the nation closer to socialism than it has ever been with his statist ideals. Contrary to the belief of left-winged supporters, he actually severely slowed down the recovery of the economy during the depression. He was not responsible for ending the depression, the war was.

He promised to not get involved with any foreign wars, yet he secretly wanted to. He secretly worked with Churchill to get the U.S. involved. He did everything in his power to provoke an attack from Japan without looking like he actually wanted to get involved. He had evidence that an attack on Pearl Harbor was imminent, but did nothing.

He grew increasingly incompetent with each term. Had numerous communist spies in his administration. This is how Stalin found out about the Atomic bomb.

A role model for left-winged socialists and idiots alike.
Hopefully Obama isn't as bad as FDR was.
by libertarian52 October 23, 2009

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