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I'm sorry, I can't support her! Hillary Clinton supports MFN with China, three strikes laws, backdoor bureaucractic health care, and is a racist. She isn't a Socialist, she should be though! I'm voting for John Kerry if he runs again!
Man, Hillary Clinton will be the next Jimmy Carter
by Catholiccommunist April 09, 2006
Our greatest President, short of Harry Truman. Kicked Hitler's ass most of WWII, brought us out of Laissez Faire and the depression. He fought for civil rights, and is all around a good President.
We need FDR again in light of Bush.
by Catholiccommunist April 09, 2006
A good pope. I am a sympothizer with Marxist principals, but I admire him a lot. He fought corruption, capitalism, and Iraq. He was a good Pope, and even though I disagree with him on gay marriage, he at least was for treating gays like Human beings. And he was against Aparteid.
We need more Pope John Paul IIs!
by Catholiccommunist April 09, 2006
I think he was actually very interesting. Yeah, he was kind of a racist at first, but he realized that was wrong. He was a hell of a community leader, and a good husband. He was a leader of the nation of Islam, and I think he was murdered by Farrakhan. If he had lived to see Hurricane Katrina and Iraq, he would have died anyway though.
Malcolm X was also a good movie.
by Catholiccommunist April 09, 2006
A damn good Georgia Senator. He was a Democrat, and campaigned for John Kerry. He got three limbs blown off in Vietnam. Some putz named Saxby Chambliss dared call him unpatriotic (just because Max Cleland voted against the pointless SDI thing). We need more guys like him, Barak Obama, and John Kerry.
Vote to get Max Cleland back in the Senate.
by Catholiccommunist April 09, 2006
Our greatest President! That guy stuck it to those racist SOBS. He integrated the military and in addition pushed for civil rights. Plus he was the one who raised minimum wage, federal education funding, farm subsidies, and Social Security benefits. He tried to repeal Taft-Harley but the GOP Congress stoped him (DAMN!). Harry is probably the only President (other than Washington) who didn't cheat on his wife (not that that makes a President, I'm talking about as a person). He also always took responsibility for himself, and stood up for what he knew was right, even when he nearly lost the Presidential election. Harry Truman created the CIA, and stuck it to that nutjob MacArthur. Yeah, he dropped two A-bombs on Japan, but he didn't enjoy it and mourned their deaths. Plus, the alternative (a mainland invasion of Japan) wwould have been a hell of a lot worse. All in all, Harry Truman was our best President (well, maybe he's tied with FDR), until Barak Obama or John Kerry get elected.
"Give 'em hell Harry!"-unknown speaker at the 1948 DNC convention.
"The Buck stops here!"-Harry Truman's motto.
"Protection by the government!"-His address of the NAACP, he was the first president to do so.
by Catholiccommunist April 09, 2006
A free trade deal that is sending our jobs south! This is Clinton's real mistake, he did so many other good things! WHY DID HE HAVE TO DO THIS? All the jobs it created are low paying. It's a backdoor union busting scheme too! It makes outsourcing easier, and kills small towns. It also allows illegal aliens, in the KKK's attempts to disenfranchize black workers.
Thanks to NAFTA, we have lost over 500,000 jobs and small towns are dying out!
by Catholiccommunist April 09, 2006

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