Full double Anal. Sexual act involve 2 men performing anal sex on the same man, or woman, simultaneously.
Adrian: I always love a good FDA in the morning.
by johmichaels July 21, 2009
Fucking depth asshole
do u want to be a FDA? i wish you do
by RICPLTR April 21, 2008
Abbr. Fag and Dyke Association.
The people at the local FDA are planning a gay pride march.
by Gurl Troll February 23, 2008
Federation of Dumb Asses.

groups of guys like a softcore gang that do dumb stuff.
:dude they just jumped off a building!

::those guys in FDA are fucking crazy!
by jeffletch February 22, 2008
Facebook display of affection. A form of PDA but with cheesy love notes and pictures on Facebook.
"You are my reason for living, I need you more than anything, I miss you so much. I'm thinking of you all the time. Love you forever schnookums..."

If that's on someone's Wall, you have a prime example of FDA.

by tlc260 June 10, 2007
Fucking Dumb Ass;

this is used to describe anyone who is just too fucking stupid to be allowed in public
"Is dat some FDA?"

*After watching some punk ollie off a staircase and break his skateboard on the head of a statue of a public figure in front of a group of cops on break a passerby mumbles under there breath* "what an FDA"

by Super-Hyphen- April 17, 2006
Fuck Dat Ass: Equivalanet of Fuck that shit.
A: Britney Spear's new video clip is on TV.
B: FDA man, thats crap!
by Anonymous July 14, 2003

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