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Someone that passively trawls Facebook, but doesnt leave a Facebook footprint by writing on walls, commenting or liking things. Facebook lurkers love the book, but seek to create a facade that they're never on it
Hey check out Warrick, he's always looking at Facebook, but never doing anything on it. He's such a Facebook Lurker
by stevethesitch September 07, 2011
Someone who in desperate need for attention or socialization lurks on facebook chat waiting for some of his/her so-called friends to show up. Then lurker opens some casual conversation with online friend and subtly asks for some form of real life socialization.
1. He is real facebook lurker, always asking me the same question: "Hey man, what do you say, should we go and grab cup of coffee?"
2. He is so creepy, true facebook lurker, waiting for someone to log in on facebook to cling to him.
by cvelee December 06, 2008
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