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4 definitions by bigboss839

microsoft's new house heater
damn this is a cold winter, glad i got my xbox 360 to keep me warm
by bigboss839 September 14, 2008
FDAS- Fuck Dat Ass Sideways
Dayuum I'd FDAS all night long
by bigboss839 June 28, 2009
An ass so big you could play the bongo drums on it.
Damn you look at that ass drum, I could play a solo on that thing.
by bigboss839 March 28, 2009
to get hit by a truck while crossing the street, believing you are going to survive, and then dying 2 days later in the hospital.
dude that guy just got hit by a truck, i wonder if he'll get cody summered
by bigboss839 September 22, 2008