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Commonly mistaken for a compliment (high quality, fuck dat ass, choice meat), FDA Approved ACTUALLY is in reference to a particular type of woman, and the state of mind a man is in to be interested in that woman.

Literally it means "First Date Anal". In layman's terms, the chubby, whorish drunk chick at the bar/party who you know if you just gave her the time of day you could totally stick it in her ass within the hour.
-Check out that slut, she's hitting on every dude here
-That bitch is definitely FDA APPROVED
-Man I'm wasted, I'm gonna proposition her to let me ass ram her in the bathroom
by Spacetits April 24, 2006

Usually pertaining to butch lesbians, a knucklebuster is someone who forcefully, and rapidly inserts their fingers (usually 2-3) into a woman's vagina, and in doing so they injure the joints of said fingers. Medically speaking, it's usually a small strain in a joint, not a knuckle, but the nomenclature holds steadfast.

A derogatory reference to a lesbian, or a girl who won't put out right away

The direct result of hardcore "fingerbanging"
Dude A: Did you hook up with that girl?
Bummed Dude: No, she was a goddamned knucklebuster
by Spacetits April 24, 2006

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