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a small gang in bradford originated in farrooowd there for comes the name farrwood boys known for their: wreckless drinking,driving,fighting others and sometimes each other call themselfs the crew and all are very strong friends. Usually stick together and treat each other like brothers.All are big fans of the red sox and have either guns or previous gun experiance,but are usually peacefull gang unless provoced by others.
Everyone always sees FB tags but never really know what they mean.
by s.o. October 26, 2004
Fat Boy
Look at him eat those twinkies, what an fb.
by Douris November 17, 2002
1. Any two word expression with words beginning with F and B. For example: Fat Bastard, Fart Breather, Fiendish Buttsecks, etc.

2. The 1981-1985 Mazda (Savanna) RX-7, 1st Generation. Most people will confuse it for a Porsche, but it's a rotary powered banshee. Called an "FB" after its chassis code.

1. I spotted a couple FB's in the FB engaging in some serious FB.

2. What we thought was a weedwhacker turned out to be an FB outrunning some cops on the interstate.
by TSIBtF February 21, 2007
A kid whos ass smells and sticks to ur seat or anything else that comes in contact with
Dam FB ur ass smells
by poop shooter April 29, 2003
1:To ''finger bottle'' something/someone , where somebody inserts their finger into an opened bottle with intent to pass the bacteria onto the unsuspecting person that will continue to drink from it.
Hey dude, shes not looking stick your finger up your ass and fb her.
by Splendad March 23, 2011
short term for facebook
Dude, u should put that pic on FB!
by bronuts October 19, 2008
Short for Fat Bitch. Can be used in public without sounding like a complete asshole, including when the FB is still present.
Dude, that FB wouldn't stop hitting on me.

Yeah, that sucks.
by Ryan_H. May 17, 2008