short term for facebook
Dude, u should put that pic on FB!
by bronuts October 19, 2008
Short for Fat Bitch. Can be used in public without sounding like a complete asshole, including when the FB is still present.
Dude, that FB wouldn't stop hitting on me.

Yeah, that sucks.
by Ryan_H. May 17, 2008
a term meaning Faggot Bitch. a guy who is not only just gay acting, but super gay and not in a good way. a term of endearment used between friends when one does something super gay.
Were you just looking at my ass? Damn, you are such an FB sometimes dude.
by theydon'thave2be January 25, 2008
Fucked Borrower. Very widely used in real estate blogs and informal circles. Refers to a formerly credit-rich but resource-strapped consumer who's collateral, savings, and foreseeable future income are below the value and terms of a loan they cannot sustain, refinance, or renegotiate. FB's face a bleak future of certain losses, and nearly certain bankruptcy, credit destruction, and long term cascading/follow-on financial and opportunity losses.
All those FBs and their greedy idiot lenders who bought houses with 100% down NINJA adjustable-rate mortgages in the so-called housing boom are dropping like flies!
by esmith512 January 10, 2008
A fat bastard who sits at McDonalds and sells gonja to Danville kids. Can also be seen driving cars he didn't purchase. Yadidamean?
Yeah dis is big FB. I'm on the block with my crank-rock, I got some bud and a blunt nigga let's spark it.
by theville December 11, 2005
Fat balls... one of great testicular fortitude, not to mention some big ol' gigantic BALLS.
I wouldnt fuck with fat balls man...
by f Beezay March 22, 2004
Fag Bag
Yeah. and he's being a total fb!!
by jdawg! June 15, 2010

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