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4 definitions by Farker

A guy formally known as Andrew, but is refered to as "Cheap Kid" by everyone because of the way he does most things in life, CHEAP!! Also known as alien because of his long fingers and his desire to probe guys from the ass.
Hey remember that guy Andrew? He keeps taking my fries without even asking

This guy bought a game from the bargain bin at EB. That's so Andrew!

"I'm rich because i'm cheap." - Andrew

"can I have a fry?" - Andrew
by farker March 07, 2005
A troll who likes to stir up trouble on the fark.com messageboards.
I think we've got ourselves another fb- on our hands.
by Farker August 02, 2003
HPZ is a fark moderator with unquenchable lust for traffic cones.
Hey HPZ, why did you delete my post?
by Farker April 21, 2004
to strike or attack
He buhtzed the other guy
by Farker February 17, 2004