short for full beer

Beer that has been just opened

or an opened beer left to sit with more then 3/4 full
While cleaning up after a party you will commonly come across fbs.

Hey toss me an FB
by Full Beer September 11, 2007
The short hand term for Facebook the online networking website.
Maddie sees a picture jojo has just taken:

Maddie: OMG! FB! FB
Jojo: Totally, I'll add it tommorow!
by La-Who? May 18, 2007
it is the acronym for facebook. it can be an acronym for football as well.
i just sent my boy a message on fb. WORD!!!
by Big Urban April 17, 2007
basically, to sum it up for you, fb means hotter than you.
wow. that girl over there is reaaally an fb.
by an fb January 04, 2006
Basicly your fuck buddy, but it can be where you only find eachother attractive, or if on likes the other more than just a fuck buddy. or bothe love eachother
Me and Zak S. are FB, but we both love eachother, cuz he stood up his girlfriend 4 me!!! lol
by lil'ms. flirt May 21, 2005
Standing for FlatBed scanner on a Multi-Function printer
Place the page on the flatbed to scan
by mikeock April 09, 2005
acronym used for finger bang when someone shoes their fingers into a girls pussy like a penis during sex.
Sometimes used over instant messaging sich as msn so you don't ahve to typ out both words.
eg: A: hey
B: hey y u l8?
A: at lunch?
B: ya where were u?
A: I was FB Jane
B: o
A: ya dat bitch was orgasiming for 10 min
B: lol u da man
"yo why u late man?"
" I fb amanda"
"damn homie u pimp"
by sexybitch March 06, 2005

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