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Fb is short for many things I'm sure, but what it is most commonly known and used for is FaceBook.

Facebook is a homepage where one can share photos, status updates about their life etc.

Fb is not something one says while speaking, it is an internet chat or sms abbreviation.
"Omg, he totally wrote to me on Fb!"

"I uploaded all the photos from last night on Fb!"
by Mrs.Potatohead October 06, 2012
F.B.--- Fuckin Bitch

Used when referring to a bitch you dont like
Me: My girlfriend dumped me because of Milan
Not Me: Milan is such an F.B.
EX2: Skrew you F.B.!!!
by Phill Banana Hammock May 10, 2008
1.) Either by the mention of food, smell of food and or evn the taste of food. Causing ones self to pop a boner. 2.) Sexual Excitment over food. 3.) Expressing ones self in a joking matter over hunger. Male bonding with boner humor.
A.) This ROUND TABEL PIZZA is giving me a F.B.! B.) Me and the guys totally had an F.B. while eating KFC last week. C.) I can't stand up right now. I've totally got a F.B. over your Grandmas home made Cookies. D.) Dude, I just Jizzed pants while eating a Mcdonals Deluxe Breakfast with a F.B.!
by xMIRCOWAVE SAFEx August 06, 2011
A female boner. A hypothetical state of horniness in women. Also can be F.E. (Female Erection)
"Dude, if I were a guy I totally would ahve had a boner" "Ahh! you had an FB!!"
by The Jorny Geenis and HB 2 October 14, 2004
An abbreviation used commonly on instant messenger. Meaning finger bang but can be mistaken as facebook.
Guy 1: Hey man I fb'ed that girl!
Guy 2: You facebooked her?
Guy 1: No I finger banged her!
Guy 2: Ohhhh

facebookfinger bangpoke
by alchie123 January 19, 2011
Hey where is my FB?
by agentx44 September 28, 2008
short for fallen bot. A wonderful channel bot for IRC that is great at removing nazi scum from your channel.
pixelmixer: HEIL HITLER!
nettocash: pixelmixer, fb will show you the door.
nettocash: .kb pixelmixer Sorry, we do not allow users who fuck their sisters in here.. go somewhere else you waste of life imbred fucker
* fallen sets mode: -v+b pixelmixer *!*@c-XX-XX-XXX-XXX.hsd1.de.comcast.net

* pixelmixer was kicked by fallen ((fallen) Requested by nettocash. (Sorry, we do not allow users who fuck their sisters in here.. go somewhere else you waste of life imbred fucker))
compro: whos fb?
nettocash: short for fallen bot
sith: fallen FTMFW!!!!
by Netto Cash November 03, 2009