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2 definitions by aouttr

A common acronym for

1. "fucking bitch"; usually used as a curse/exclamation. Sometimes used as a hashtag by users on Twitter, www.twitter.com

2. Social networking site Facebook, www.facebook.com
Rob: "Ugh, it's raining..yet again. #fb"
Ted: "Stubbed my toe on the corner of my desk >:( #fb"

Rob: "Hey man, are you on fb? You should add me."
Ted: "Whoa, hey, did you see Rob's profile pic on fb?"
by aouttr May 05, 2010
Tongan word for effeminate male.
Girl 1: OMG, he's so hot!
Girl 2: I know! Too bad he's a fakaleiti
by aouttr November 02, 2010