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Florida Atlantic University a Florida Public university in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida home of the Owls (Dirty Birds). Their colors are FAU Blue and Red. Up and coming, doesnt get enough attention because of UMiami and Univeristy of Florida. Known for their research in Marine, Biological and medical sciences.

School with the sexiest girls and best concerts called the FAU Freaker's Ball with performers like Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Flo-Rida, Pitt Bull, Fabulous Ect. and minutes from the beach.

Party school and dorms with poor supervision so students have a little drinking problem.

by FAUOWLBABYYY July 25, 2010
Awesome up-and-coming traditional university in Boca Raton, Florida. About 30k students, main campus has about 4k students living there. Hot girls, great beach, movies/bowling/mini-golf/mall, decent academics and good sports teams (the Fighting Owls). Best known its ocean engineering program (the first in the nation) as well as business and commercial music programs. Has a medical school in Boca and an Honors College in Jupiter that is home to two international biotech giants - Scripps and Max Planck.
by IndieOwl October 01, 2010
another term for face, but a little funny.
Leo: asdfihakjfhakwj
Kevin: i'm gonna slap u in the faus.
Leo; OWW!!!!
Kevin: loser
by l30iscool432 March 04, 2009
1. A prefix to wangsta names. See example given.

2. Indicates a breed of female dog.

3. A commonly used stripper name.
1. Can anyone tell me what faustine means?
A wangsta person cause it has the prefix faus in it.

2. That girl's name is Faustine.
She's a female dog?

3. Give it up for Faustine the stripper!
by tinexfaus August 25, 2008
A faus is a (usually) fat annoying person that grunts a lot. In general, nobody likes fauses and will just stare at them when they're not thinking about beating them up. Historically, fauses were thought of in many cultures as shape shifters that somehow got stuck in the guise of a walrus/humanoid creature. Modern science, however has revealed that they are humans indeed, but just in an extremely annoying form.
"Haha look at that, Faus is drowning!" "Haha, oh my gosh you're right! made me lose my train of thought."
by operationthunderbolt March 19, 2009
Florida Atlantic University (FAU)- A public university in Boca Raton, Florida which has mediocre undergraduate programs, lackluster admission requirements, and no school spirit what so ever. Tons of hot girls though.
Kid1 " Hey i got accepted to FAU today!"

Kid2 " but you didn't even apply there."

Kid1 " I know, go figure!"
by dime bag darell May 12, 2006
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